VSS Labeling Problem – File $/path/ is already open

Recently, while using the source control system that everyone hates (but seems to continue to use), I was trying to apply a label and got the following error:


The path name blurred to protect intellectual property, but this was a path in VSS, not a file.  When trying to apply a label to the folder I got this message.  I noticed that it seemed to happen on certain folders, but not others.  For the folders it did occur on, it would say image down in the status bar for about a minute before coming back with this error. 

This may or not help you, but I will share the steps I used to resolve this error.

  1. The first important step to resolving this issue was narrowing it down to the specific folder where this problem was occurring.  In my case, this was simply trial and error of applying labels at each folder until I honed in on the culprit.
  2. Next, check out all of the files in that folder.  In my case, there were about 2 dozen files.  When checking them all out, I got a message in the status bar that was suspicious:

Could not checkout local version of $/<path>/<filename>, checking out latest version instead.

So at this point, I tried checking the file out and back in with no change in the behavior.  My problem still persisted and I was not able to label that file or any parent folder of that file.  Arrrrgghh!

So while I have narrowed it down, no solution yet.  Please contribute any comments or resources you have that may help here.  I’ll continue to investigate and will likely be running SS ANALYZE next…


5 Responses

  1. I’m currently having the same problem. The strange thing is, applying labels to the folders below in hierarchy works, and I’m using that as a workaround currently. Sadly, it’s probably not a good option for automation.

  2. Yes, I was experiencing the same thing – subfolders below the “open file” could be labeled. Have you identified the file(s) that seem to be causing the issue? When did step 2 above it showed me exactly what file was causing the issue.

    Have you tried analyze?
    Have you rebooted the machine hosting VSS?

    To follow-up, the analyze did fix the problem and we are now back up and running. Most VSS problems are fixable, you just need to try the right things (and sometimes in the right order :))

  3. I have the same issue after automating the label process along with the Nant Getlatest process.

    Temporary fix is to close the open file which throws the error through computer mangement->system tools->shared folders/openfiles ->close the file.

  4. Same issue here. Had to login to the file server and kill there the file shares in computer management like Sanjeev explained. Of course only those belonging to my user.

  5. Ditto to Ben & Sanjeev. Thanks to Sanjeev for the path to the “Open Files” menu – saved a lot of time messing around. Much appreciated everyone. 🙂

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