Cool New Features in SSMS – Select Top 100 Rows

As I have been playing with the newest version of Microsoft’s SQL Server Managements Studio (SSMS), I wanted to share a few of the cool new features.  It seemed that the jump from Query Analyzer in SQL Server 2000 to SSMS in 2005 was not necessarily a smooth one and many people complained about SSMS.  This new version, however, appears to build on the solid framework of 2005 and add lots of cool features that will make our lives much easier.

Select Top 1000 Rows

Just grabbing a sample of data out of a table has been made much easier in 2008:


It is also good to see that this has been made configurable in the Tools->Options menu item:


You’ll notice that there is also an “Edit Top n Rows” option.  This is arguably less useful as I haven’t found anywhere to specify which 200 rows, but still a noble effort.  I don’t often find myself thinking, “Hmmmm, I think I would like to edit some random data.  Let me just pull up any old record and start changing the data.”  However, once in edit mode, you can always use the “SQL” button (in green box below) to change your query:



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