TeamCity Install Experience

Well, my hopes for a streamlined CruiseControl.NET were not realized in my first attempt at installing the continuous integration server software.  My CCNet lava lamp server died on my last week so I needed to spin up a replacement.  This seemed like a good opportunity.

Although the installation was slick and simple, I feel as though I was more of a user and less of an administrator when I started using it.  I guess that is the idea, but I want to know what is going on with my builds and know how to tweak stuff.  Having that comfort level with an existing toolset leaves me biased, but I digress.ragepost

The big disappointment was the fact that I wasn’t able to even select a VSS source control instance because it kept telling me the file didn’t exist?  Maybe it was because my machine was 64bit.  Maybe it is because VSS support is weak since they think nobody uses it any more.  Maybe it was because the user interface is pretty but not very bulletproof?  Whatever the reason, I am probably not going to be spending any more time on this tool in the immediate future.  Until I can find somebody to help me through a VSS example I’m not sure it will be time well spent…


2 Responses

  1. Hello,
    This seems to be a known issue. Please check is the user under which team city server service runs have any rights to server share. It is recommended to use samba paths for defining VSS path, like \\server\share.

    Actually, when you click submit server checks is it is possible to open the file you have selected.

    Feel free contacting us, taking part in discussions in news/forums.

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