Scott Hanselman Endorses Visual Basic?

Auditorily enjoying my morning dose of podcasts, I found myself listening to Hanselminutes yesterday, specifically the show on LINQ to XML.  Now it seems that Carl Franklin has always been a great host of the show, but is it just me or has the dynamic changed now that Scott Hanselman has gone to work for Microsoft?  I digress…Visual Basic - A legend in it’s own right

At any rate, my point is that Scott gave some interesting props to Visual Basic having been a long-time C# proponent.  So now I have a dilemma: Do I buy into his rationale or is he just selling the kool-aid that he has drank?  Why the sudden change of heart.  At least he still used the term “silly” to describe VB 🙂

Recently, I have gained a strong  appreciation for simplicity in auxiliary tools.  In essence, providing idiot proof ways to do simple things.  In a full scale enterprise application, you are always going to have a high degree of complexity, but what about those little helper tools that surround the core application?  Are these candidates for VB?  Some of the syntactical points Hanselman made combined with some of the new features presented in .NET 2.0 for VB may be pretty cool.  I have no idea because I haven’t worked with true Visual Basic since using VB4 with my Dad on his electronic endcap idea in 1995.  I always have had an affinity for the simplicity of classic ASP, even if it does tempt you to write crappy code.

So the next time you need to spin up that test app to help with some random task, which project type in Visual Studio are you gonna choose?


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  1. I think his attitude towards it has been severely altered because VB.NET is finally getting a useful feature that C# won’t have. Since he has a lot of background in XML, it comes as no surprise that a language feature that lets you write *readable* XML is a hit in his eyes.

    I still can’t stand the unnecessary verbosity of VB.NET. I worked in a test project with it today and couldn’t stand it. C# just feels better to me.

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