Google Developer Podcast

I recently stumbled across a great new podcast that the Java Posse started putting out in June. I wasn’t familiar with the group, but it is a group of people from Googlespace (I am guessing they develop in Java 🙂 ) that are seasoned podcasters and have now started one to communicate the latest about Google tools and technologies. Check out the Google Developer Podcast to get a taste of this new tech resource.

Hopefully you are aware that Google is much more than just search and maps. The company has revolutionized the Internet and the way the world thinks about technology, stock prices, and corporate philosophy. Having a resource to learn about new things such as the offline enabler Google Gears provides a great service to the development community.

My personal feeling is that learning about new languages, tools, methodologies, etc. is the best way to become a better developer or architect. If you only delve deeper and deeper into .NET, you are starving the creative side of you as a technologist. Seeing other approaches to building software can spark new ideas and ultimately make you a much better citizen in the software community.

So take a moment to check out the podcast and submit your comments in the forums at I just made sure they were planning to continue podcasting as it has been 3 weeks since the last episode. If they know people are eating up the content, they’ll be much more likely to create some more good stuff.


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